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“In testing, we saw the PuroAir perform as one of the best filters available”

“picks through particles with a fine-toothed comb”

“highly effective at removing smoke and other airborne particles emitted from wildfires”

Kiss your

The average American spends 90% of their time inside and indoor air quality can be up to 2X - 5X dirtier than outdoor air. PuroAir captures everything you don’t want to inhale at a microscopic level, so you can breathe with confidence.













Fresh Air in JUST Minutes

Get real results in just minutes. The scientifically backed PuroAir filters particles before they can reach your lungs.

Air Quality

Air Quality

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introducing the hepa 14

the mother of all air filters

PuroAir can filter particles down to 700x smaller than a human hair.

Introducing the

hepa 14

backed by science

100 Day
Cleaner Air

We’re so confident that you’re going to
love your PuroAir, that we guarantee your
home or office’s air will be cleaner or
we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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4.7    (7,232 reviews)

Amy Lewis

Verified buyer
38 minutes ago

Love it

I don’t know how I was living without this my whole life. I LOVE my puro!

Alexi C.

Verified buyer

This is a lifesaver!!!

Allergy season was super bad this year, especially with my dog tracking things in the house and the smoke from wildfires. My doctor recommended that I get one of these so I got the Puro because it had the strongest filter I could find. Within an hour I could already feel my sinuses beginning to open up. I slept through the night without coughing and have been sleeping SO much better now that this is running in my bedroom.
It is SHOCKING to see just how much dust, dander, pollen and junk is in the air in my house! It’s so gross. I can’t believe I was breathing all of that into my lungs! This is literally the best thing I’ve bought on Amazon in years, which is saying a lot. If you have allergies, this thing will make your life so much better. I am obsessed!

Ashley Calhoun

Verified buyer
1 week ago

Made a big difference in our air (and odors)

Overall I am VERY pleased with this filter...the features and the the function of it. To top it all, this is a chic, handsome machine. Really happy with it!

Dennis and Nick

Verified buyer
9 days ago

I stopped taking my allergy pills

After much research, I decided to purchase this product in a last ditch attempt to control my allergies. I’ve lived in the south almost all of my life, but I have struggled the last year with year-round allergies to the point I’ve considered relocating. I appreciate the advanced HEPA 14 filter, and have put this unit in my bedroom. No more coughing or sneezing, which is a real blessing!


Verified buyer
13 days ago

Easy and works great

If you're the type of person to pour over reviews and really do your research, this is the purifier for you. Easy to use and clean. Within 2 hours of running this in the main area of the house, my husband's allergy attacks stopped. It helped so much that we moved it to the bedroom. If you're a very light sleeper, this will keep you up - in sleep mode it's quieter than my husband's CPAP machine though ?
Blowing out the filter once a week really helps, and accessing the filter is a breeze. Also easy to wipe down the inside. Attached photo is the filter after 1 week of use (construction going on in home). Also great to run in the kitchen if you're cooking something strong smelling (fish) or cutting onions, will prevent smell from traveling in the home. We'll be buying another one of these to keep running in the living room while we keep this unit in the bedroom. Worth the investment!